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Wülfing's Stick-insect (Acrophylla wuelfingi)

Wülfing's Stick-insect (Acrophylla wuelfingi)

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Wuelfing’s Stick-insect Acrophylla wuelfingi

Sold as juveniles – Captive Bred

Originating from the northern tropics of Queensland, they may not be the largest phasmid but they are nonetheless impressive.

Adult Body Length Females: 12-23cm Males 9-15cm 

Foodplants Eucalyptus & Acacia species.


This species can be quite variable in total size with even siblings on the same foodplant reaching different lengths. Due to the large size of mature Wuelfing’s stick insects we recommend a larger enclosure at-least 50cm height x 35cm wide x 35cm depth.

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