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Dockrill Habitats

- Centi- Small Enclosure 24cmx12cmx24cm

- Centi- Small Enclosure 24cmx12cmx24cm

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Length 24cm Width 12cm Height 24cm 

The Centi acrylic enclosure has the perfect combination of enough length and space to allow your critter room to move, whilst also being narrow enough in the width allowing you to fit many enclosures on one shelf. This enclosure is ideal for species that require extra substrate depth and little ventilation. This allows you to easily maintain a higher humidity and temperature within the Centi enclosure.

This enclosure can be used as either front opening or top opening, perfect for any situation! 

The whole Dockrill Habitats enclosure range features sturdy acrylic lids with double hasp locks and hinges, ensuring a secure enclosure for your little window into nature. Our enclosures are shipped already assembled and ready to use, just add your favourite décor. 


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