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Dockrill Habitats

Spur Legged Stick Insect (Didymuria violescens)

Spur Legged Stick Insect (Didymuria violescens)

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Spur Legged Stick Insect Didymuria violescens 
Sold as juveniles – Captive Bred

An extremely active species, often seen moving around the enclosure at pace when young.

Adult Body Length Females 7-11cm Males 6-10cm
Foodplants Eucalyptus

This species can be an escape artist - we have watched nymphs squeeze through gaps other stick insects would ignore! When kept under ideal conditions this species can be quite prolific. This species is quite active when young, therefore it is important the foodplant touches the roof and walls of the enclosure. Other wise running nymphs will “loose” the foodplant and starve.

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