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Dockrill Habitats

Monteith's Leaf-insect (Walaphyllium monteithi)

Monteith's Leaf-insect (Walaphyllium monteithi)

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Monteith's Leaf-insect Walaphyllium monteithi

Sold as juveniles – Captive Bred

Demonstrating fantastic camouflage, they live up to their name ‘leaf insects’

Adult Body Length  7-9cm
Foodplants Syzygium species

This species can be fragile when young and shouldn’t be kept with groups of other stick insects. They simply mistake them for leaves and start chewing! This species is quite active when young, therefore it is important the foodplant touches the roof and walls of the enclosure. Otherwise you will find that running nymphs will “loose” the foodplant and starve.

Ensure any Syzygium fed has not been sprayed with pesticides.

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