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Gargantuan Stick-insect (Ctenomorpha gargantua)

Gargantuan Stick-insect (Ctenomorpha gargantua)

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Gargantuan Stick-insect  Ctenomorpha gargantua

Sold as juveniles – Captive Bred

Gargantuan in the name gives the game away: these are huge stick insects, by far the longest in Australia!

Adult Body Length Females 34-40cm
Foodplants Eucalyptus & Syzygium australe

Believed to live high in the rainforest canopy in Far North Queensland, this species is seldom seen in the wild.
Gargantuans attain an impressive size but are also gracile and fragile. They therefore require lots of hanging space to successfully moult, at least 100cm High * 45cm wide * 45 deep.

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